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Chop Chop
The Killer Whore

Russell Hicks is a shy, former librarian working as an out-sourced private eye, now on the case of a lifetime. He has 106 days to track a killer from fifty years in the past, with a ten million dollars bonus on the line. 


Russell finds himself caught between two sexually abused women. Elena is a seductive girl from the Chicago streets who welcomes herself to his heart – and his apartment. The second girl awaits his arrival, gun in hand, and is known only by her nickname – Chop-Chop the Killer Whore. To catch the second, he must give up the first.

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Chop Chop the Killer Whore Tablet Mockup
Tom Barrett Black Glass Background
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The Keeper of Dragonflies

Crooked private-eyes, axe-wielding nymphs, adult film star wannabes, lonely-heart suicides, vehicular manslaughter, funerals, weddings, and more. The Keeper of Dragonflies dips through the back alleys and commuter trains of Tokyo, across the shimmering coastlines and shaded mountains of Kyushu, and takes seed from both the rich and sometimes rigid traditions of Japan and the fertile but often cloddish yearnings of the American heartland.


Twelve separate tales, bound together with humor and heartache -- as lonely people from opposite ends of the earth fall under the curious spell of the “other”.  Follow these outrageous love stories that cross both sides of the Pacific… yet settle nowhere. 

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